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Ok...Pil's...I don't really don't know a heck of a lot about them...other then how to add them to my pirch and run them :)

The FAQ says: PILs language structure is similar in syntax and structure to PASCAL, combined with the established syntax of PIRCHs alias coding structure.

I'm taking computer programing in school, but we haven't worked with Pascal yet, I could prolly figure out the Pil stuff, but haven't looked at it much yet, once school is over I'll really check it out and put more on it here, but for now this is it ;)

Pil's are also called "scripts" so if someone's talking about Pil's and they mention script, it's the same thing.

I've see lots of Pirch Pil pages on the Pirch WebRing, so you'd prolly have better luck with stuff on Pil's from one of those pages.
This seems like a pretty good spot for getting Pils: The #pirchPil page
They tell you what the Pil is so you don't end up downloading something you don't want.

Pil's are just little programs that run in your Pirch.

You can get Pil's that make text color box's pop up in your Pirch so you can just click what color you want the text to be, the background, things like that.

Most people use these to make Pop-Up's cause you can copy what you've made from the color box and put it in your Pop-Ups.

There are Pils for getting wavs, playing wavs, making your text come out with funky colors, there's a lagmeter Pil that meters your lag for you.

There are lots of different Pil's and they are pretty easy to run.

There doesn't seem to be a lot of Pil's for the 16bit version of Pirch, I'm sorry guys :( I'm going to being doing 32bit here at the moment, I'll work on 16bit later.

Basically you just download the Pil you want into your Pirch file, then you add it to your Pils by doing one of these things:

Click on the Aliases button, in the left side window where your aliases names are, do a right click, a menu will pop up which contains two (2) PIL related commands.

Add PIL Script loads a PIL script from a text file and installs it into the alias window.

Which means it will add the Pil script from your Pirch file into your aliases so you can use it.

Extract PIL Script saves a PIL script to a text file

I've never used this one, but seems to me it would take the Pil from your aliases and put it "back" into your Pirch file, guess that's for people who have a lot of Pil's and just want to get them outta the Aliases for a while?

I just do this from the chat screen typing box:

/addpil c:\pathname\pilname.pil

The /addpil just tells Pirch to add a Pil..the c:\pathname is where your pirch file is, like c:\pirch and the pilname.pil is the name of the pil.

So if you were loading the massgreet.pil, you would type in:

/addpil c:\pirch\massgreet.pil

And it will add it to your Aliases.

Once you've got the Pil loaded into your Pirch Pil's, go into your Aliases.

If you arrow all the way down on the left side, you'll see at the bottom a bunch of things like:

These are Pil's that should have come with your Pirch.
If you click on the [COUNT] you will see a bunch of stuff on the right side, this is the Pil script.

Most of the Pil's have instruction's on how to run them in the top part of the script. Usually it's something like:

/runscript [scriptname]

Like the [COUNT] Pil has this at the top:
Usage /runscript [COUNT]
Counts the people in the channel, seperating ops and undernet bots }

This tells you the name of the script (Sample Pil script [COUNT]
Usage /runscript [COUNT] tells you how to run the script, you'd just type /runscript [COUNT].

Then there's a discription of what the Pil does.

You can make an Aliases to get your Pil's to run without having to type /ruscript [scriptname] etc.

There should be a [CTERM] script that came with your pirch, it opens a box that you can play with the color of text and stuff.

If you put this string into your aliases, and call it color or box whatever you'll remember best you can just type the aliases /color and the colorbox will pop-up:

/runscript [cterm] start

Save you the time of typing /runscript [cterm] start

Sometimes when you try to run a Pil you will get nothing, usually it means you have to type something after the /runscript [scriptname]

If the instructions don't say what your supposed to do, ask someone in chat if they have whatever Pil it is, they could prolly tell you what you need to do.

Well that's about it right now. I just wanted to get up how to load pil's and run them. The empty Pil's link was really getting on my nerves :)

Wait! Found something else...this is something that got sent to me by "Wolf"
It looks like a Pil that you put in your aliases that will send waves to people if you have a different Nickname then what is in your Events ON TEXT string.
Like if you change your nickname a lot, or someone else uses your pirch, instead of having a bunch of ON NOTICE or ON TEXT strings in your events, you can just use this.

It's a little more complicated than just adding a Pil, but it works great, I tried it.

First, you have to add a level to your Events, which really isn't too hard. Just click here and you'll find out how to do it.

Go into your Aliases, click on Add type in [nicksend] make sure you put it inside the [ ] brackets, this will put it at the bottom with the rest of the Pils. Don't forget to click Save!

Once you have that in there, highlight the [NICKSEND]
Now you have to copy the whole pil script below right from the {Nicksend.pil to the end; part,

Paste it in the right window, (editor pane) and click save.

{Nicksend.pil written by Macro 1 April 1997 Allows Pirch users to autosend files from their sound directory replying to !nick requests regardless of what their current nick is. Looks for any text starting with ! character and checks first word against current nickname Requires the following event to be put in a NEW level named !Nicksend (with level user list entry: *!*@*) This MUST be the lowest numbered event level, this is to say that it must be at the top of your event level list. If this is NOT done, the pil will stop all other events that start with ON TEXT:! or ON NOTICE:! from operating. ON TEXT:!*:*:/runscript [nicksend] $nick *1 ON NOTICE:!*:*:/runscript [nicksend] $nick *1 =============================================================} $word1:= strcopy($2,2,20); if strupper($word1) = strupper($me) then begin $fileloc := whereis($3,$soundpath); if $fileloc > '' then begin command('/dcc send ',$1,' ',$fileloc); end; end;


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