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Events are a way to set up Pirch to automatically do certain things, like maybe send a message when people join or leave the channel you are on, or let people get waves from you by typing a certain thing.

You can have an event that would automatically go "on" when someone says a certain word, or phrase.
I know someone who is a Girl Scout leader, and evertime someone typed the word "cookie" in chat, her event would automatically come on and say something like "Did someone say Cookie? Please don't say that word!"

I have an event that "smacks" someone whenever they smack me. And one that say's "Thank You" whenever someone "gives" me something. Things like that.

Events has a bunch of different level thingys, but I'm only going to deal with level one, or the first level, the one that says 000-Unknowns.

When you click on the Events button you get a window that has three different windows in it.

The Left Top Window is called the Levels, in this window is the 000-Unknowns, and 100Level-100 stuff.

The Top Right window is called Level User List, when the Level 000-Unknowns is highlighted, there should be a thing like this in the Level User List window, *!*@*

The bottom window is called Events, that is the window you will be putting all the event strings in.

Don't worry about the top two windows, you'll just be putting stuff in the Events part, just make sure the Levels window has the 000-Unknowns highlighted when your putting stuff in the Events window on the bottom.

When you first use Pirch, there should already be some Event strings in there, we went through this in the Sound Set up part.

Most important thing is to make sure the box on the bottom that says "Enabled" has a check mark in it, otherwise the Events won't be "on".

There are so many things you can do with events that I could be here all day. So, I'm just going to show you a few different things, and try to explain how Events work so you can make your own.

First one I'm going to try to explain is the ON ACTION event. The ON ACTION is when someone does the /me thing, usually something like:

CBelle smacks bubbett in the head with a dead fish

Now I have an Event that goes on when someone smacks me that looks like this:

bubbett say's "Hey CBelle 's picking on me again !!!"

Ok, not thrilling, but what can I say?
So the string in my Events for that looks like this:

ON ACTION:*smacks Bubbett*:#:/me say's "Hey $nick 's picking on me again !!!"

So what this means is this, the ON ACTION is for whenever someone does a /me (which is an action) whatever is in between the * * things are the words that make the string turn on, the # is the variable for the channel, and the /me say's "Hey $nick's picking on me again!!" is what my reply is to the action.

I could put any words in between the * * astriks, like if I wanted to say something everytime someone says "Hi bubbett" I'd make a string like this:

ON ACTION:*Hi bubbett*:#:/me says Hi back to $nick

The $nick will put in the name of the person who triggered the ON ACTION string.

Of course the person would have had to do an action to make the string work, like /me says Hi bubbett.

Since most people usually just type Hi bubbett, you could use a string like this:

ON TEXT:*Hi bubbett*:#:/me says Hi back to $nick

The ON TEXT looks for just plain old text and responds to whatever text you put in between the *astriks*

You can also use different colors instead of just the /me thing, but for some reason you can't put in colors like you can with the aliases.
I don't know if this is something I'm doing wrong, or just a Pirch thing. All I know is the only way I can get colors to show in Event strings is to use the \ forward slash then a negative number. If anyone knows another way to get colors in Events let me know!

So if I wanted to say hi in underlined blue, I'd use \-31 says hi back to $nick, and if I wanted it to come out in bold I'd use \-2 says hi back to $nick.

Get the picture? I know there are other colors to use, just can't think of them right now.

If you go into the Pirch help and look under Automated Events and Controls, it will give you a listing of all the ON ACTION, ON TEXT, ON BAN and what not commands that you can use in events.

There should be three Events already in your Events window, the ON NOSOUND is the one that gets wav's if you don't already have them.

Like Aliases, if you have a ; in front of the string, it will turn off that string until you take out the ;

I've found this string to be really useful, it plays a wav sound when someone does a private message to me, you have to change the D:\Waves\hiho.wav to your wav directory and use whatever wav sound you want.

ON INCOMING:/playmedia D:\Waves\hiho.wav

Ever notice when you ping someone they have a cutsie little message? Well this is the string for that:

PING:/notice $nick ping? Hmmm....who dat pinging at my door? :+

After the Ping, you can put anything you want, I just have mine do a /notice, which means only the person pinging me is going to see it, and of course the $nick will put in the persons name that pinged me in the first place.

This is a neat one too, when you've getting a wav sound from someone, and the wave is done getting, this string will automatically play the wave so only you can here it:

ON DCCDONE:*.wav:/playmedia $filename

I hope your getting the idea here, I told you about in Pirch Help, Events and Automated Controls, it has all the ON whatever commands, and if you click on them they will show you how the string should look for that command.

There are a lot of things you can do with the Events, but you really have to understand how each little word and variable works.

Adding a level to your Events
It's simple to add a level to your events...what you can do with the new level isn't so simple :) on Events, click on Add Level at the bottom, and type in the name of the new level. To make the level "on" you have to click on the little box next to the name of the new level.

As usual I'm not going to get into the hard stuff right now, I really just want to tell you how to add a level for the Pil that's on the Pil page.
I'm going to show you how to add the level that the !Nicksend.pil uses.

When you click on Add Level, you'll get a little box, just type in !Nicksend (make sure you capitol the N) and click OK.

Ok, now to make the level "on" you have to click on the little box next to the !Nicksend, and in the window that says "Level User List" on the right, type or paste this in:


Make sure the !Nicksend level is highlighted, there should be nothing in the Events box yet.
Now you need to put these two strings in the Events box on the bottom:

ON TEXT:!*:*:/runscript [nicksend] $nick *1
ON NOTICE:!*:*:/runscript [nicksend] $nick *1

That's it! Make sure you click Save before you leave!

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