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The Pirch32 & Pirch16 do popups the same way.

This is what the help thing says about popup's:

PIRCHs popups allow you to customize the right-click popup menus. By default, PIRCH includes commands in popup menus that can be accessed by clicking the right mouse button while the mouse pointer is located over either the names list in a channel window, or the main text pane in a channel window/private message or server window.
When you click on the Popups button in the tool bar, or select the Popup command from the Tools menu, PIRCH will display the popup editor. The tabs on the top of the editor window allow you to select which popup menu to edit.

What this basically means is, when you highlight a name in the nickname window on the right, and right click, you'll see a menu popup, there's a bunch of stuff on the menu already, like Whois, Query, User, CTCP.

If you look, there are already two popups in there, one is Slam, and the other is hugs, to use these, just highlight some ones name, then right click and click on Slam, or Hugs.

If you do a right click on the screen where all the chat text is, you'll get another popup box, this has different stuff then the popup box from the nickname side, this is where you can change your font style & color and other things.

I'm going to be focusing on the nickname popup window, that's where all the fun popups are.

When you click on the Popups button up top, you'll get a screen with a bunch of tabs with different stuff on them. We are only going to work with the nickname popup window right now, so we want the Channel(Names List).

Click on the Channel(Names List) tab, and you'll see the strings for the Slam and the Hug are already there.
Notice how the string for Slam is all on one line, if you don't have the popup string all on one line, it won't work.

Popups are pretty much made the same way Aliases are. You can use the Color Box to make a lot of things, once you have the popup the way you want it to look from the Color Box, you can highlight the text in the Color Box, do a right click and choose copy, then paste it into the popup screen.

Most people copy popups from other people, that seems to be the easiest thing to do, when you see a popup on the screen that you like, copy it, then paste it in your Popup screen, just click on the Popup Button, click on the Channel(Names List) tab, the put the mouse cursor on the next available line, then right click and paste it.

Don't forget to click SAVE!

The neat thing about Popups are that they have this variable in them, $$1

This variable will insert whoever's name you have highlighted in the nickname window, into your Popup.

You will notice after you've copied a Popup from someone how it still show's the name of the last nickname when you try to use it.

This is very easy to fix, all you do is go into the Popup window, find the string for that popup, then delete the nickname and replace it with the $$1 variable.

Just be very careful that you only delete the nickname and not part of the Popup.

I'm going to put in the Popup for the Juicy Fruit gum:

gum:/me gives  $$1  a piece of Wrigley's 15,15l1,8<~Juicy-Fruit~>15,15l

It's not exactly how it looks when you put it in your Popups, the little white boxes, are actually || in the Popups, but if you copy this here, and paste it into your Popups, it will come out right.

I really just wanted to show the way a Popup should made, gum is the name of the Popup, this is the name that will show up in your Popup window when you right click on the nicknames.

The : has to be there too, and you can use /me or Ctrl & K with a color like you would do for Aliases.

You can make Alias type Popups, like:

live:/me lives in Connecticut

live:|12 I live in Connecticut

The only difference from Aliases is the : after the name of the Popup.

Once you start collecting Popups, you'll notice that your Popup menu is getting pretty huge.
There is a way to make a "directory tree" to keep your Popup menu small, and your Popups under some kind of order.

I thought the Pirch32 and the Pirch16 were the same with Popups, but it seems I'm wrong, I've tried to make a directory tree for the Pirch16, but it doesn't work, I'll have to check this out and see what's up.

For the Pirch32 it goes like this:

Pick a "directory" name for the popups, lets say you have a bunch of different Popups that say "Hi" to people.

Type in Hi on one line in the Popup screen.

Lets say one of the HI Popups is called Hi3. On the next line you'd type, or paste in your Popup, just make sure there's a . in front of the string.
.hi3:/me says blabla blalbla

Then you have a Popup that's called Hi4, on the next line you'd type or paste in your Popup, just make sure there's a . in front of the string.
.hi4:/me say's whatever

Now, when you go and look at the Popup menu, you'll see Hi with an arrow next to it, when you highlight Hi you'll see a little sub-menu popup with the hi3 & hi4 on it.

You can do sub-menu's off the sub-menu's by placing a string under one of the strings with a . in front of it, and putting two .. in front of the string you want to be a sub-menu of the sub-menu.

Makes a lot of sense doesn't it? ;)

This weather pop-up is not working right now, something to do with the dns of the weather. If anyone knows anything about this I'd appreciate an email!

Here's a fun, but kind of complicated pop-up that will put up the weather in your area for that day.
This pop-up got copied from Shasta, who seems to have about a million of them!

What this popup does is this: You have a popup that you use to connect to the local weather computer at the airport through dcc chat. You type in the 3 letter abbriv. of the town closest to you and it gives you back the recent weather for that area. You then copy the weather part, and you will have an alias that you will type /weather then paste the line you've copied from the dcc chat.
It sounds kind of confusing and time consuming, but once you've done it a few times you'll find it only takes a few seconds and it's a lot of fun.

Copy the string below and put into the popups Channel(Names List).

DCC Weather:/ctcp $$1 DCC CHAT chat 2379552522 3000

Copy this and put it in your aliases name the alias: weather

/me 5is in 4PUT IN YOUR TOWN AND/OR STATE 12USA 5where it is3 $time (EST) 10on6 $day $+ , $date $+ . 5The Temp is:3 $1 $+ F 5Humidity is:12 $2 5Winds are from the:4 $3 $4 $5 MPH 5Barometer is at:6 $6 5Conditions:3 $7 $8 $9

Make sure you change PUT IN YOUR TOWN AND/OR STATE to your town and state, you can just put in your state if you want. Make sure the alias is all on one line, and don't forget to click SAVE!!

Highlight your nickname and click on the DCC Weather popup to get a DCC chat box with your nickname.
A dcc chat box will pop up an some stuff will scroll by. When it's all done type M and hit return, this will bring up the main menu.

Then you type 1 and hit return, this gives you USA information.
Then you type in 3 and hit return, then your 2 letter STATE code (like I live in Connecticut so it's CT) then hit return.

This will bring up all the cities and the 3 letter codes of the weather that's closest to you.
Find the one closest to you and write down the 3 letter code from your area. (Like I live in Bridgeport CT so the closest town to me that they have was...Bridgeport! And my 3 letter code is BDR).

Once you have the 3 letter code for your area, close the dcc box.

Ok the set up is all done, this is what you have to do to run the weather popup:

Highlight your nickname and click on the DCC Weather popup.
When it connects and all the stuff is done scrolling, type in your 3 letter code (So I would type in BDR)

Look for a line that looks like this:
72 75% NNE at 9 30.04 Clear

Copy this line, close out the DCC chat screen if you want to or leave it there so you can copy the string if you want to later.
Then you type:
For the weather alias and you paste the string that you copied from the DCC chat screen after the /weather alias so it looks like this:

/weather 72 75% NNE at 9 30.04 Clear

Then you hit return and you'll see how the popup looks.

Once you get everything set up there's only like 3 things you have to do to make the popup work, and it is a lot of fun!

It will not save the weather information you have, every time you do the weather alias you have to paste the actual temps you've gotten from the popup dcc chat.

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