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Pirch Sound Set Up

I think the most important thing to start with is making a wav directory.
It's a lot easier to have one file where all your waves are stored,
then having them junk up your Pirch directory.
One good reason for this is when you go to delete some waves, for whatever reason, you won't have to worry about deleting any important Pirch file!

So go now! Make a wave directory! Name it anything you want, wav, waves, sound, whatever, I'm going to be referring to them here as waves.
Don't know how? Go here.

The new versions of Pirch all seem to have the basic set up for sound with most of the strings already in place.

Just skip the parts where it says paste or type in, if the string is already there, just fix it with your name and wave directory or whatever it may need.

Most important!

1. Always make sure to click the OK or SAVE button when finished!
2.Make sure that all strings are pasted, or typed in exactly, spaces and all!
One wrong space can mess up the whole string.
3. A ; (semi-colon) will shut off the string
Make sure there are no ; in front of any strings

1. Go to the Prefs button, click on the Media tag
For 16bit it's the Sound tag

2. Place a check in all boxes.

3. Fill in a the directory for the location of your wave files
You know! The new directory you just made, like C:\waves

1. In the Prefs button again, click on the DCC tab
2. Click on these boxes:
Auto accept & Auto minimize (both optional), and Use LFN support & Fill spaces.
For the 16bit I would click on everything but the DCC log, unless you would like a log of everything that you receive or send.

3. Change Packet Size to 2000 and Timeouts to 120 (both)

4. Put in your wave directory in the Default Upload, and Default Download boxes.

1. Go to the Events button

2. Check the Enable box in the lower right.

3. Cut and paste (or type) the following line in the Remote events section.
Make it the 1st line.

ON TEXT:*!YOURNICK*:*:/dcc send $nick c:\path\ $+ $2

This string should already be in your events file, you should get rid of all the
;========= example automated sound gets & sends ==========
extra =========== lines in there too.

4. Change "YOURNICK" in the above line to your nickname.

5. Change c:\path\ to the actual location of your sound files.
example (this is what mine looks like):
ON TEXT:*!bubbett*:*:/dcc send $nick d:\waves\ $+ $2

Now when someone wants to get a sound from you they can just type:
!yournick name.wav

6. If you want to auto get waves when they are played
You will need a string like this in your Events:
ON NOSOUND:*.*:#:/msg # ! $+ $nick $filename

The ON NOSOUND should also already be in your Events box, you don't have to do anything to it, except remove the ; in front of the string if you haven't already.

I don't want to confuse you...but there are a lot of things you can use for wave sending and receiving. The strings up there are just the basic ones most everyone uses.

While lurking about in #pirchlovers_r_us one day on anothernet, I came across this nice little wav getting string called a !TSEND. It's supposed to send and receive files faster then the other way, I don't know if it does or not, but that's what they said! You need one string in your Events and that's it.

ON NOTICE:!tsend*:*:/dcc tsend $nick $2

Or this one:

ON NOTICE:!TSEND*:#:/dcc tsend $nick $soundpath $+ $2

Either one will work, take your pick.

To get waves from someone that has the TSEND event, just type:

/dcc !tsend

So it would be like: /dcc !tsend bubbett kewl.wav

For those of you that use multiple nicknames, or share your Pirch with someone else, there's a great Pil that will save you from having to change your name or having a zillion strings in your Events for each nickname. You can find it at Pils or download the Pil from directory /pub/wolf/irc/pirch or email, he's the guy who sent me the Pil.

1. Verify DNS (domain name server)

2. Check this if you can't send files.
If IRC is unable to resolve your IP address you wont be able to send files.
Type: /dns yournick to check your IP address

If you get the message: Unable to resolve
Disconnect and dial back in.
If this does not fix the problem, it's probably your windsock, call your ISP.

For more info on /dns see Basic Commands

There is one more thing you will need to make your waving experience complete
The aliases string for your quick waving action!
(I'll be explaining what all this $1 *2 stuff is in Aliases)

1. Click on the Aliases button up top

2. Click on Add

3. Enter this line exactly (spaces and all):

S /sound # $1 { $1 $+ .wav } *2

For 16bit it's a bit different
S:/sound # $1 { $1 $+ .wav } *2

4. Click Save

You should be all set to wave!

To PLAY a SOUND type: /s wavename and after any message you want
example: /s kewl Will play Kewl.wav
example: /s kewl this is kewl! Will play the kewl wav, and the message, "this is kewl" also

If you don't want to use autoget, you can still get waves
When someone plays a wave, and you want it, just go:
!nick wavename.wav
example:!bubbett kewl.wav

Will get the kewl wav from me and send it to you.

I forgot to tell you about the Media Player!

This thing is really neat, if you click on the Media button up top, you get this nifty little media player.

You click on the Arrow button all the way to the right, the black one, this opens another part of the Media Player.

Where it says Unitialized, click on the arrow, you'll get a menu, click on wave files, and it will bring up wave file directory.

You can highlight the wave you wanna play, click play in channel to let everyone hear it, play locally so only you can hear it, drop a wave on someone to send to them by highlighting the wave, click on it, dragging over to the area where everyones nicknames are, and "drop" it on the person you want to send it too!

You can also type something in the little black area at the bottom of the Media Player, when you highlight the wave you wanna play, and hit play to channel or return, it will play the wave and show that message.
Just make sure you erase the message before you play another wave, or that same message will be shown again.

The following stuff was sent to me by "Wolf" who also sent the kewl !Nicksend Pil
Anything in italics is me talking :)

This looks like a sound get string that goes in your Events, looks like it get's midi's too.

ON NOSOUND:*.mid;*.wav;:*:/notice $nick !DCCSEND $filename !tsend

This will play the wave that you just got from someone else, it's pretty neat cause when the wav is done sending to you it just plays it for you.

ON DCCDONE:*.wav;*.mid;*.rmi:/playmedia $filename
It will play a received sound to yourself (NOT to the channel/window) as soon as the transfer is finished

To know when someone plays a sound you have put this line in the Events:

ON SOUND:*.*:*:/display > *Info \-11 $nick \-2 $filename \-2 $address ( $+ $time $+ )

or use this one: ON SOUND:*.*:#: /display > *sound* \-4 $host \-11 \-2 Now Playing: \-2 $filename was played by \-2 \-31 $nick \-31 \-2

Use only one of these last two at a time, to disable the other please note: ALL THESE EVENTS CAN BE DISABLED BY PUTTING A SEMICOLON ; BEFORE THEM, i.e. ;ON NOSOUND ... ;ON TEXT:! ... ;ON DCCDONE ... ;ON SOUND

I already told you about the ; but I'm sure you need a refresher by now :)


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