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First, you will need to download Pirch. The table below will show you how.

Windows 95/98
If you are using Netscape, put your cursor on the link, hold the shift key down, and left click. For Microsoft Internet Explorer, right click on the link, choose "Save target as". Remember the directory you save it to, as you will need to access this file again later.

Pirch98 32
If you are using Windows 3.1, you will need a 16 bit version of Pirch. This version is not currently available from the official Pirch website, however it may be downloaded from several unofficial Pirch sites.

Now that you have the file, you need to install it.
Open File Manager (or Windows Explorer in Win 95), go to the directory where you downloaded it to, and double click on the file (pirch16s.exe for Win 3.1x or pirch98s.exe for Win 95/98).

This will open a window which allows you to choose between a complete/new installation (use this one if you do not already have a version of pirch on your computer, or if for some reason you wish to have 2 versions) or Upgrade existing installation (use this one if you just want to update an older version of pirch). Make your selection and then click "next".

This will bring up a window that says "Enter the path where you wish to have the application stored"

If you are upgrading, MAKE SURE to enter the directory that your current pirch is in. If it asks you if you want to overwrite pils, events, aliases, or popups, say NO! (note - the newest version does not ask you, it just automatically saves your settings).

If you are doing a complete/new installation, it's best to install it to the directory that's already showing (c:\pirch98), but if you want to change it, go ahead and enter the directory of your choice.

Once installed, your new pirch program group window will popup. Click on the Pirch 98 icon to start Pirch. You will now need to learn about Connecting to Chat.


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