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There are actually two sections for the color, the first one is for changing the color of your chat screen background, and the various lines of text that pop-up.
The second is all the colors of text that you can mess with.
You can skip the first and just go to text colors if you want.

I'm going to tell you how to change the colors on your screen if you want to change anything:

Click on the OPTIONS button up top, click on COLORS
You'll see this weird looking window with a bunch of stuff on the left, a color chart in the center, and more stuff on the right.

The Left side of the screen is all the different things you can change the colors of.
The Right side of the screen shows what the colors are now.

You change the color of something on the right side, by highlighting it on the left side, then picking the color in the center by clicking on the color.

Yes, sound pretty confusing, but try it you'll see what I'm talking about.

Here's a few examples: If you highlight the words: background color, on the left side,
you will notice the two letters FG on the color chart,
(On the 16bit there's a * instead of the FG)
whatever color the FG is on, is the color of the background,
now click on the yellow color, you'll notice that the background on the right side has changed to yellow.

Click on the words Notice on the Left side, you'll see the FG or * is now on the maroon color, click on the blue color, and look on the right side, the NOTE has now changed to blue.

When I first figured out this feature, I spent many happy hours messing with my color scheme. I finally found the one I like, and haven't touched the color thing since! Have fun!

Text Colors

FOR Pirch 32 & 16
The basic color commands for Pirch are pretty simple, you need to hold down CTRL key, while pressing the K key. Then you type in the number of the color you want to show up.
Example: hold down Ctrl&K type 4 then type your message, it will make the text you type look Red on the chat screen.
When you do CTRLK, you will get a little white square, then you just put the number you want for the color, you type your message after the number, and you'll have color text on the screen.

Here are the numbers with their colors:
7-Olive 8-Yellow10-Teal12-Blue13-Fuchsia14-Gray 15-Silver

So hitting CTRL&K will get you the little white square, then you just type in a number after the little white square, then your message. That's it.

You can also be lazy and do a right click in the are where you type text, that will get you a menu, if click on Colors, it will put in the little white square, you'll also see Italics, Bold, Symbol, and a few other things.
Don't be afraid to mess around with these options, just go into an empty chat room and try different things.

There are pil's out there that will give you something called a Color Box, when you open this color box you can just point and click at what colors you want, and it will automatically fill in the codes for it. Then all you have to do is hit send, and your multi-colored message goes to the screen.

These are a lot of fun, but do get time consuming. They are really nice for making your pop-ups have color, and your aliases have color.

The Pirch32 come with a pil installed for the color box, to get it running you have to follow the steps below:

FOR Pirch32:

1. Click on the Aliases button

2. Do a right click in the left side of the window frame, Select "Add PIL Script"

3. Then find where the COLORS.PIL is located, should open up where your pil's are in the pirch directory, and select that COLORS.PIL

4. Highlight COLORS.PIL then hit OPEN.

5. Hit the save button now

6. Now just type /runscript [colors] start

Now you should see a big old gray box

NOTE: This only works for CHANNELS for and MSG.. It does NOT work for Dcc Chat!!

To make life a lot easier on yourself, you can make an aliases that will start this color box without having to type /runscript and all that.

Just click on the Aliases button, click on add and put in like:
color /runscript [colors] start
and click save.

16bit users have to type
color:/runscript [colors] start
don't forget to click save!!

Once this is in your Aliases, you will be able to just type, /color
and the color box will open up!

I couldn't decided if I should put the color's for pop-up's or aliases in this part, it is the color page, but I decided to just stick color for those two things in their respective pages.

I don't think there's much more to the color, if I missed something, let me know!


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