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Sound Set Up

MIRC 3.92 and up

1. Go to General Options, find Sound Requests
a. Place a check in all boxes.
b. Fill in a valid directory (path) for the location of your wav files example: C:\wav\

2. Go to mIRC DCC Options
a. Check Auto-get and minimize..., Auto-accept..., Auto-close...., etc.
b. Change all time-outs to 120
c. Fill in the same valid directory as you did in step 1b.

The auto-get is certainly optional. Should you wish to verify what people are sending you do not check this option.

3. Go to Tools, Remote, Events
a. Click the box next to 'listening' so a check appears.
b. Cut and paste (or type) the following line in the Remote events section. Make it the 1st line.
1:ON NOTICE:*!DCCSEND*:*:/dcc send $nick c:\path\ $+ $parm2
With mIRC 5.0 and up, the line is this: on 1:NOTICE:*!DCCSEND*:*:/dcc send $nick c:\path\ $+ $parm2

c. Change c:\path\ to the actual location of your sound files. This line must be exact, spaces and all!

example: 1:ON NOTICE:*!LawnElf*:*:/dcc send $nick e:\wav\ $+ $parm2

Now when someone wants to get a sound from you they can just type: !yournick name.wav
4. Verify DNS (domain name server)
a. Check this if you cant send files. If IRC is unable to resolve your IP address you wont be able to send files.
Type: /dns yournick to check your IP address If you get the message: unable to resolve, disconnect and dial back in. If this does not fix the problem, call your ISP.

5. Auto Get Wavs from channel - this only works for version 4.7 and

a. Go to Tools, Remote, Events
b. Cut and paste (or type) the following line in the Remote events section.
1:ON NOSOUND:/notice $nick !DCCSEND $filename
Or, for mIRC 5.0 and up: on 1:NOSOUND:/notice $nick !DCCSEND $filename

**************** ALIAS SETUP ****************

Add these few lines to your setup as follows:

1. Click Tools, Alias...

2. Cut and Paste (or type) this line in the ALIAS edit window. You may add it after anything else that may be in your alias window.

/s /sound $1.wav ( $1.wav ) *2


3. Click OK.


*** To PLAY a SOUND type: /s sound any text you want Replace sound with a valid filename. Replace 'any text you want' with your message.

example: /s kiss Will play kiss.wav

*** To GET a SOUND when you see the message 'Sound [xxxxx.wav] doesn't exist' type /notice nick !DCCSEND xxxxx.wav where nick is the person who just played the sound and xxxxx.wav is the filename. This will autoget that sound file from that person. Once the DCC transfer is complete, you can play and hear that sound. Example: /notice LawnElf !DCCSEND kiss.wav will cause my system to automatically send you the file kiss.wav

*** If you are using mIRC 4.0 this wont work - get a newer version!


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