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Chat Talk

AFKAway From Keyboard
BAKBack At Keyboard
BBLBe Back Later
BRBBe Right Back
BTWBy the way
DHDear Hubby
DWDear Wife
(EG)Evil Grin
FAQFrequently Asked Question
FUBAR"Fouled" Up Beyond All Repair
FYIFor Your Information
GMTAGreat minds think alike
IMHOIn my humble opinion
LOLLaughing Out Loud
::POOF::Goodbye (leaving room)
ROFLRolling On Floor Laughing
ROTFRolling On The Floor
ROTFLRolling On The Floor Laughing
TGIFThank God It's Friday
TTFNTa-Ta For Now!
ROFLMAORolling On The Floor Laughing My "backside" Off
And my personal favorite:
DOH!The Homerism for I'm an idiot! (Or you are, depends on how it's used)

Okay ladies and gentlemen.... tilt your head to the left
and discover a whole new world of art! Or is it writing?

Sentimental Symbols
(name)Cuddling (((Tom))) Tom is being sent cuddles
{{name}}Warm, fuzzy hug
@--`-,--Rose with thorns

Offering Some Drink and Food:
|_|}Cup of coffee
>-|Martini Glass
(_)]Beer Mug
)-|Wine glass
]-|Champagne glass
}-|Margarita Glass

Basic Faces:
:o) happy face
:-) smiley with a nose
:-* kiss
:-X my lips are sealed
:-| indifferent
:'( crying
:-( sad
0:-) angel
:-D laughing smile/big happy face
;-) wink
:-( frown
:-o oh!
>:-> devil
>;-> devilish wink
:P nyah nyah

Here's a bunch of stuff you can do with the keypad numbers:

All these are made while holding down the ALT key and keying in numbers on the keypad

ALT 0222 = which can be used to make a :o
ALT 0169 = which is the copywrite sign
ALT 0174 = which is the registered trademark sign
ALT 0214 = which is a...dunno...someone looking surprised? Or amazed?
ALT 0220 = which is a big smile

I'm sure there are more things you can do but that's all I've figured out so far :o)


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