line The F.U.N. Place is a website that is dedicated to families of all types. The F.U.N. Place was started by five friends who met on IRC; none of whom have ever met in real life...yet, anyway. With time, another five friends were added to the "team". More recently, Michele came onboard as webmaster. Our goal in starting this site was to make it a fun and interesting place to visit. We looked at a number of other sites and decided that what was missing was the lack of input from YOU. We encourage everyone who visits our site to make comments and contribute material. YOU are the people who will make this site a terrific one, one that everyone wants to visit and tell their friends about. Everyone can be a part of The F.U.N. Place!!

#Parentskitchen and #Parentsroom were started in April 1997 by Foofee and Tess. Both Foofee and Tess are long time IRC addicts. They had become frustrated with the difficulty of finding good chat rooms for parents, so they started their own rooms on Starchat. #Parentskitchen is for general chat while #Parentsroom hosts scheduled chats, hosted by wonderful chatters. We now have Java Chat right on the site to make it easy for you to find us. Drop by and visit most any time, the coffee pot is always on!

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